Updates for November of 1998

11 1 98

All right I'm finally in my November Updates page!!!!!

All right by the time you read this Alanis will be finished performing her I&I at MuchMusic, I hope nobody missed it!! Anyway SFIJ is out on Tuesday, so buy it!!!!

I got quite a bit done today.

I added three new characters to the DC Character Page, which took most of the time.

I also added a couple of credits.

In addition, I took some stills of Alanis in You Oughta Know and Thank U, thanx to MTV for the QuickTIme videos, however pathetic the Thank U one was (all scratchy and fuzzing in and out).

Either way I added those to the Alanis and Alanis Lyrics pages.

And Finally I changed the META tags on the Alanis Lyrics pages because it was just wrong!


11 3 98

I updated the DC character page (Actor bios and pics). As well as a small update on the main DC page.

I put up a survey!

It's on the main page, and the four pages it deals with: DC, Friends, Push, and The X-Files.

Basically, which is best??

Anyway SFIJ was released today, and I'm in the process of posting the lyrics so there's a bunch of them there already!!!!

Also I updated the main Alanis page and that's about it!


11 5 98

I added more lyrics from SFIJ today, as well as the Lyrics from the Thank U Single

That's all I had time for, the rest of the lyrics will be up by next week


11 7 98

I've finally finished the Lyrics!!!!! All the lyrics from SFIJ are up. Now I only have to do all the stresses and stretched out words and stuff. Oh well, at least all the lyrics are typed!!!!


11 8 98

All right panic time again. Geocities terminated my account for some reason, so I have to go through the tiresome task of doing everything all over again. So the Push Picture Gallery, the Fonts page and Geocities Entrance are down, as well as a lot of pictures are not gonna work now.

On a happier note, I have set up a Tripod account. As soon as I can figure out how to upload to it, things might get back to normal. As soon as I get everything to work, I'm going to move the WHOLE site to Tripod, so I'm not breaking any of their rules, and because it'll be easier that way.

Anyway today I updated more Alanis lyrics. I put some of the pronunciation things on the SFIJ page, as well as posting ALL the lyrics to Now is The Time, and Fate Stay With Me (all the early 90's stuff). Thank U to Planet Alanis

Also I updated the DC web

Anyway that's it, I hope it works out with Tripod!


11 9 98

I fixed some things on the Alanis Lyrics pages. The link to Thank U (Which was always there) works now.

Anyway Geocities has decided to reinstate my account, but I'm still going to move the whole thing to Tripod, as soon as I get stuff sorted out. If anyone knows how to upload to Tripod using Web Publishing Wizard, please sign my Guestbook.

Anyway I also updated the X-Files show page.


11 10 98


If you're reading this then you by now know that my page is now on Tripod. Please have patience as I move my whole site to here, combining WarpLink and Geocities is really difficult, so have patience



11 14 98

Over the past few days (been way too busy) I got a new banner. See below. Also I'm moving a little bit more into Tripod. Hopefully everything will work out......

I made a bunch of little updates, as well as a whole bunch of maintenance stuff. I'll try to do some more work in the next week or so.

The transcription of the Alanis I&I at MuchMusic will be up soon (It's really hard to write all that!).


11 17 98

I'm still working on the move to Tripod. It's long annd tedious, but well. I've made a few little updates on these pages.

Also, if you accidentally go to WarpLink, you will now be redirected here anyway. As well, http://all.at/nealj now points at this site. I no longer have an entrance. The file that used to be at mjenn.htm is now the main entrance ( http://members.tripod.com/~nealj_3/ ).

That's about it.

If you have ANY dead links, dead pictures, non-working things, missing pages, or if you at any time get sent to WarpLink or Geocities, or end up downloading something from there, please Sign My Guestbook and tell me about it!


11 18 98

All right. I had a few minor updates today, corrections, counter on I&I transcript (not done yet).

Also, just a note. Three of my pages reached 2000 in the past week. First the Alanis Morissette page; then the Dawson's Creek page, and finally the Lyrics to Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

Quite a few are reaching other markers (i.e. 100 or 1000). So anyway that's just good.


11 20 98

Just a couple minor discography updates for BSB and All Saints.

Still working on the move to Tripod


11 22 98

I put some news up on the Alanis page

I also did some work on the Push pages: I put a link to Jason Behr's official site's Picture Gallery on my Picture Gallery, I changed a couple of credits and stuff like that, and I added a Useless Push Facts section on the main Push page. With weird facts about the show mostly.

BTW I hope you all like the survey I've had up for a while. DC seems to be winning so far.

Also my Push page reached over 1000 hits in the last week or so, which is amazing seeing as it was cancelled so long ago.

Anyway that's it!


11 24 98

I made a bunch of little updates today.

I'm still in the process of moving to Tripod, so nothing big for a while.

I changed some small credit-like things on the DC page and DC character page.

I added a couple useless facts.

I added some cast info as well as a picture on the Push and Push Character pages.

I added a link on the Friends page.

And finally I changed the MIDI on the SFIJ lyrics page to a different version of Thank U (sounds better).

It seems to be my most popular page, so that's good.

Anyway that's it


11 25 98

Hi there.

I updated the Push page, with some filmography info about Audrey Wasilewski (Who was kind enough to sign my Push Guestbook, if you're dying to know what the private message, she basically told me what guest starring stuff I missed). Thanx to her anyway!

Anyway My main page hit 1000 a few days ago, and the Alanis Lyrics page hit 2000, a couple more milestones!

That's about it!


11 28 98


A Bunch of little updates today. I made a whole bunch of changes on the main page (i.e. it's Christmas). So it's nice and Christmasy. Also I added/changed a few little things on that page.

Anyway I fixed a little bit of the lyrics to Pollyana Flower.

I made a whole bunch of updates/corrections on the DC pages.

I changed/edited a bunch of links.

And finally I put up the December updates page, and as a result updated the site map.

That's about it!


11 29 98

Another bunch of little updates today too. I put a MIDI on the December updates. I added pictures to the main and useless facts page. I added a bunch of pics of Eddie Mills to the Push Picture Gallery, from Sabrina Goes to Rome, I fixed lyrics to Pollyanna Flower, I updated Alanis News, I fixed some links, and that's about all!


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